Minggu, 14 Maret 2010

national exam is coming!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

i actually dont know what to write right now. but instead of opening science book (which im bored of and all of ninth grader student across of indonesia, perhaps) im watching Indonesia Mencari Bakat (Indonesia Got Talent) right now. this Indonesian traditional dance moves intrigues me. i think Trans TV is the best local channel ;) because i like to watch Kejar Tayang, It's Dubbing Time, Insert (the best infotainment -ever- across Indonesia) The Promotor also. but i hate those fake drama-reality such as Orang Ketiga, Termehek-Mehek. get over it please Trans TV ;););)

btw i just found a site that i really really like. becuase they holds bunch of informations about models. check it out http://nymag.com/fashion/models the main page even says 'model manual' lurrrve it!

check out natasha poly for gucci cruise 2010 campaign (shot by Mert Allas and Marcus Piggott)

this russian girl sure knows how to look hot but not over the top

speaking of models......... i just downloaded Victoria's Secret Fashion Show 2005 and 2006. 2005 was Tyra's last walk for VS, and the end of her career in modelling too. 2006 was Gisele's last walk for VS. but Gisele is still our number one highest paid model :) i like brazillian models. such as Izabel Goulart

look at Izabel giving her sexy-mad expression for Brazillian Vogue 09 (shot by Daniel Klajmic)

and of courseeeeeeeee Caroline Trentini

look at that......... i even feel the satin. you go caroline! (vogue editorial Feb '10 shot by Steven Klein)

Selasa, 09 Maret 2010



theres gisele with baby benjamin (i cant find their baby's picture but their bumps is really easy to find on the search engine)
gisele is a one hot-damn-fine model. and havin a baby is such a big big surprise
this is gisele before the bump rockin' vogue cover

and this is after the baby bump
and here's adriana lima with the bump!!!! the goddess is lookin fine. she just had her first baby, a lil ADRI :):) its a girl!!

by the beginning of the pregnancy, adrianna tweeted "lil adri or marko is coming" im happy for adriannaaaaaaa

and this is the czech beauty (my favoritos) just had a little boy!! omg!! VS is full of happiness......

i bet karolina and her fiancee is havin a great great time

hope miranda and bloom is expecting any babies too ;) hohoho i love to see them together. theyre so good-looking. its like between angel and a superstar :D

upcomin movies!!!!!!!!!!!

THIS IS SUCH AN AMAZIN NEWS!!! iron man 2 is coming into town!!! im sooo excited for that u knoooooow :):):):) im gonna catch it in the cinema for the first day...... are u guys excited? i hope so ;) because this superhero is my favourite. well i was going to give you the url to the video, but i thought that its going to be a lil surprise if you catch it in the cinema. in the trailer, scar-jo is joining the film. how cool is that? aaaaaaaaand iron man 2 isnt the only movie that im excited for. there is remember me (robert pattinson and i-dont-know who the girl), when in rome (kristen bell) , knight and day (tom criuse and cam-D)

eclipse (kristen stewart, dakota fanning, robert pattinson, taylor lautner)

HOHOHO me and my friends are really really reaaaalllllyyyyy excited!!! beijos ;)

Selasa, 16 Februari 2010

so u wanna be a model?

what pops on ur mind the first time u hear a word called "MODELS"?????? thin? of course! tall??? most of them. pretty? well let me just tell you. not all models are pretty. sometimes the agency prefer the odd lookin girls to become a new face of modelling. to break out from stereotypes. i dont even quite understand why they call them stereotypes. but i will tryin to find out. well models are those who commit theirselves to deliver great photos, or show designers creations. this is one of the top models at the moment: her name is Sasha Pivovarova

she has nailed more than 5 big magazines covers. such as Harper's Bazaar and Vogue (my future office :):):) ) she recentlyb does Longchamp campaign along with Kate Moss, and Prada by her own feet.

next is Chanel Iman

Forbes named her as one of the top models at the moment. she has a contract with Victoria's Secrets. filthy rich? well i must say yes. she has legs that goes on and on and on and on. some says she's too skinny to strut VS plank. but i think she's good enough(eventho she fell at Peter Som fashion show). YOU GO GIRL!!! people now are constantly saying that she's the next Tyra Banks, because she said once "I wanna make my name as a household name in this industry. then i'll help other girls be a model" well lets see

speaking of Tyra Banks.......................................

she is on of the VS angels and she has the most natural body of all (i think) she's such a humble person based on Americas Next Top Model series :p i just love her................ J'adore. she is actually a skinny model and suddenly she restructured her carrer and be a VS angels and work the covers of Sports Illustration. and now she has retired and work on her high-rated talk show and direct and judge America's Next Top Model with Ken Mok and with Jay Alexander, Jay Manuel, and Nigel Barker. ANTM series are inspiring. esp cycle 7 which brought Caridee English to victory-----



couple of days ago i watched a movie called "Valentine's Day" it was kinda a great movie. a typical romantic comedy movie. but what amazed me is the stars. come on i mean Julia Roberts, Anne Hathway, Emma Roberts, Bradley Cooper, Ashton Kutcher, Jessica Alba, Jessica Biel, Jennifer Garner, Patrick Dempsey, Jamie Foxx, George Lopez, Taylor Swift, Queen Latifah, aaaaaaaaaaand TAYLOR LAUTNER!!!!! now were talking....... :):):):) i cant get enough of him. can u imagine those stars compete to act the fullest in one movie which the stories are related to each other??????? such an amazing movie, directed by the director of the "Pretty Woman" before i spill the deets, i'll let u watch the movie first, then tell me watcha think

Selasa, 02 Februari 2010


hello chicas! first of all i just want to say this clearly that i have never had a nerve to make a blog. but this s a part of school work and i have to commit 100% to it, so i made one, and this is it! i dont know what will i write, and everything. so im just gonna take it slow. wish me luck, and BYE!!!